Firenze – Piazza di San Jacopino

Piazza di San Jacopino is the square that gives its name to an area still located in Quarter 1 (historical centre), but at the border of it, on the path to reach the suburbs and to exit the city through the highway. According to the time of day, this square can reveal different faces. During this recording, it was its nature of traffic junction to be under the spotlight. Buses, cars and people on rush are the main sounds that can be heard, before the night comes and the more "human" side of this square appears, with people meeting and talking. Sadly, this square has never become a place where to stop, but rather a bridging point to pass by and go somewhere else.
Cadre thématique
Firenze Soundscapes
Responsable(s) de la recherche
Valerio Orlandini
Preneur(s) de son
Valerio Orlandini
Piazza di San Jacopino, Firenze

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