Firenze – Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio ("the old bridge") is one of the most iconic places of Florence. It is the only old bridge of the city, since the other ones have been bombed during WWII, and it hosts a series of jewelries and some statues. It is always an intensely crowded place, accessible only by foot, and walking through it is a multishaped experience even for those living here and used to its features. As usual, different languages and people meet, locals and tourists, goldsmiths and policemen, in a carousel of sounds and experiences that is only partly fixable on a recording.
Cadre thématique
Firenze Soundscapes
Responsable(s) de la recherche
Valerio Orlandini
Preneur(s) de son
Valerio Orlandini
florence, italie, italy, Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, toscane, tuscany

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