19 avril 2020, 11h Thessaloniki mikrasasias

It is Easter Sunday in Greece (Greek orthodox church) the usual customs include cooking all together (relatives and friends), eating, singing, dancing and having fun in the countryside. The first time that I spend Easter in the city. We usually tend to visit relativies in Chalkidiki - Ierisso. The weather is sunny and warm, it is usual for springtime. The current crisis restricted the public in the city and it is very quiet for Easter time. Everyone is inside their homes and there is not the usual Easter time that we all remember.
4min33_Fenêtres et balcons sur villes confinées (mars - avril 2020)
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Grégoire Chelkoff
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Aimilia Karapostoli
Grèce, Thessaloniki (Grèce)

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