Firenze – Loggia dei Lanzi

Sound description
The sound recording was taken inside Loggia dei Lanzi (XIV century), an open structure near the Uffizi Gallery and in front of Palazzo Vecchio, in the historical centre of Florence. It is a place always crowded and full of different kinds of sounds. In the recording diffent spoken languages can be heard, a guitar player nearby, people walking and taking photos to the ancient statues kept inside the Loggia, and overall a lively picture of what Florence is during its tourist season. Even with that full and often noisy soundscape, Loggia dei Lanzi is a place I am really keen to go to and stay for some time, because it summarizes a good part of what the centre of Florence is about, both its negative and positive sides. Finally, it is rather interesting the particular reverberation that the structure gives to the sounds.
Firenze Soundscapes
Research leader(s)
Valerio Orlandini
Sound recorder(s)
Valerio Orlandini
Piazza della Signoria, Firenze

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