19 avril 2020, 11h, Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA

Sound description
A beautiful sunny day overlooking the park in back of our building. The Mill Pond is beyond and it is about 16 degrees C. People walking, babies crying, bicyclists, a few cars, birds nesting on the corner of the roof of our loft, maybe feeling more ease than usual, unaware of why things may be better for them because it is a time of crisis for their nemeses. Two people situated at either end of a bench, talking more loudly than usual to be heard from 6 feet away. Quiet murmuring drifts up through our window. You wouldn't know there was a pandemic except that some people are wearing masks and there are few hugs. Only children and couples touching.
4min33_Fenêtres et balcons sur villes confinées (mars - avril 2020)
Research leader(s)
Grégoire Chelkoff
Sound recorder(s)
Pamela Matsuda-Dunn

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