19 avril 2020, 14h Paris Arsenal (2020)

My family lived in a small flat one floor above the RC (1e). The recordings were taken from our kitchen window which overlooked the private court of the Garde républicaine in the Marais. The soundscape of this place was very interesting because we heard the clopping sound of horses every day as they passed through the court. You can hear a bit of the horses at the beginning of the 2pm recording and around 3:07 in the 5pm recording. At 8pm we heard clapping quite clearly but we didn't see anyone as the clapping windows were somewhere beyond our building. There were children playing in the court and you can also hear my kids' voices on the interior. On the RC of our building there is a small design school which was closed during the confinement so we missed hearing the sounds of students. Normally the Marais is a very lively neighborhood with a lot of people on the street, so having the ongoing activitiy in the court - including a band playing music - during the confinement was very comforting and made us feel less isolated.

Research and study : 4min33_Fenêtres et balcons sur villes confinées (mars - avril 2020)

Director of research : Grégoire Chelkoff

Sound recorder : Renie Tang

Place : Marais (Paris), Paris

Permalink : https://www.cartophonies.fr/sound/hP/19-avril-2020-14h-Paris-Arsenal.html

Added on 23 July 2021

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