Firenze - Piazza della Signoria (2017)

Piazza della Signoria, the place where this field recording was taken, is one of the main squares of Florence and the one where it stands Palazzo Vecchio, the palace once residence of the Medici family and now seat of the municipality of Florence. It is a crowded crossed by both locals and tourists, each immersed in their own lives, often so different one from the other. As with the other recordings of Florence historic centre, different languages can be heard, together with footsteps, chariots, bicycles and sometimes police cars (the only ones allowed to enter the square). Sometimes a disorienting experience, moving across this square can tell so many different stories that it seems much bigger than how it actually is.

Research and study : Firenze Soundscapes

Director of research : Valerio Orlandini

Sound recorder : Valerio Orlandini

Place : Piazza della Signoria, Firenze, italy, florence, italie, toscane

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Added on 01 November 2017

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