PortBou walking night - walk from village to Walter Benjamin Memorial (2017)

Walk over night on the trace of Walter Benjamin: start at Port Bou City Library at 11:54 of Wednedsay September 27 2017; up to Memorial Walter Benjamin of Dani Karavan, enter the staircases of the Memorial, stop sited on external iron cube of Memorial, in front of sea and cemetery, back to village.
Binaural recording, wave 48Khz, 16 bit, Zoom H2N, Soundman binaural OM-II microphones

Research and study : Sur les traces de Walter Benjamin

Director of research : Giuseppe Gavazza ( http://giuseppegavazza.it )

Sound recorder : Giuseppe Gavazza

Place : PortBou, Cataluña

Permalink : https://www.cartophonies.fr/sound/dv/PortBou-walking-night-walk-from-village-to-Walter-Benjamin-Memorial.html

Added on 15 October 2017

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