Firenze - Piazza Dalmazia (2017)

Piazza Dalmazia is the heart of the area of Rifredi, located north-east of the city and that is also the name of a whole quarter. In this square every morning a market is held, and the many sounds from people attending it and from the various stands melt with the heavy traffic noises, for this place is also an important traffic hub and is near the main city hospital. The resulting soundscape constantly oscillates from hi-fi to low-fi, from human to mechanical, in a dance of different sounds that can be chaotic and confusing yet lively and characteristic.

Recherche : Firenze Soundscapes

Responsable(s) de la recherche : Valerio Orlandini

Preneur(s) de son : Valerio Orlandini

Lieu : Piazza Dalmazia, Firenze, italy, tuscany, florence, italie, toscane

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Ajouté le 21 décembre 2017

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