Firenze - Piazza del Grano (2017)

Piazza del Grano is a small square near Piazza della Signoria, mainly famous because the exit from Uffizi museum is located here. In times of high tourist season (like when this recording was taken) a peculiar blend of locals working there and tourists can be heard: different languages, conversation themes and sound from working and recreational tools. It is also noticeable how the locals and the tourists, even if living the same space, are often so far one from the other, like they were separate monads within the same place.

Recherche : Firenze Soundscapes

Responsable(s) de la recherche : Valerio Orlandini

Preneur(s) de son : Valerio Orlandini

Lieu : Piazza del Grano, Firenze

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Ajouté le 16 novembre 2017

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